About Us

Our company, which has been operating in the sector for many years, is made of PVC Raw Material under BAUMEISTER brand; Pvc Water Holder Tape, Pvc Geomembrane, PVC Roof Tape, Made of Polyethylene Raw Material; HDPE Geomembrane, Drainage Board, has started production. We are committed to serving our valued customers with advanced production and laboratory devices.

Our principles

  • Confidence-based production
  • Trust-based service
  • Research personnel structure open to development
  • Customer oriented marketing approach

Our Mission

With our commercial understanding based on trust, our high quality product range, being with our customers in every needed area, with our service understanding, we always contribute one step ahead of our competitors.

Our Vision

All in Turkey in a short time with our service and confidence in the sector and international companies is to be sought in the area.